TTHP - Tampereen Teekkarien Hiihto- ja Purjehdusseura


Dreaming about a week in the middle of mountains with endless powder-snow and epic after ski? So are we. To fulfil the dream, enroll to the traditional trip to the Alps that TTHP is arranging. The trip takes place on January 11.-18.1.2020. The trip costs 599€ excluding flights.

Enrollment in liikuntamessut on 25.9 in Hervanta and on 26.9. in centre campus. The tickets are sold in -application web-based), and after the campus ticket sale the rest of the tickets will be available in as well. The reservation fee is 75e and will be paid in the enrollment. For more information come to liikuntamessut!

More information (Tg: @mayhemma98) (Tg: @mururin)


By enrolling to this trip yoy are accepting our terms of travel.

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