TTHP - Tampereen Teekkarien Hiihto- ja Purjehdusseura

The time to pack your skis and boards into the blue bus of Hene and head to Ruka is finally here. This year the legendary TTHP winter season starter to Ruka is at a better time than ever: 11.11.-14.11.2021!


During the day you are able to hit the fresh pistes of Ruka for smooth curving and towards the night there will be action as at the same time there are other university ski clubs and hundreds of students. And to top it off UP NORTH-festival will run over the weekend on the Ruka pistes. The RukaSuites will work as housing for the trip as on previous trips.


The tickets will go on sale on 24.9. at 12.00. Be sure to reserve yours fast as places for these trips are going at a record pace in these crazy times. The best trip of the fall costs oly 159€ including trips and lodging which will be paid on the registration. On top of that you can reserve ski pass for the duration you want which will be paid out later:

3 day ticket: 101€

2 day: 69,5€

1 day: 38€

0 day: 0€


More information: (Tg: @haikone) (Tg: @mixmikee)