TTHP - Tampereen Teekkarien Hiihto- ja Purjehdusseura

Hello hello and welcome to Lapland! TTHP currently favors domestic traveling so we will be heading to Levi in March! The trip begins on Sunday the 7th of March and we’ll head back to Herwood on Friday the 12th. The price of the trip will be 390€ (+membership 7€, if you’re not a member yet). The pricetag includes transportation, ski passes for 4 days and accommodation.

So join us on the best trip and enjoy the countless slopes of Levi, the springtime sun, great company and the magic of Lapland!

Tickets will come on sale on 30.11.

At the registration you’re asked to pay 50€ and a service fee in advance, the rest will be paid later.

If the trip has to be cancelled do to covid the trip will be refunded.

If you have any questions regarding the trip, please contact us via e-mail or telegram:, tg: @NuoriHerra, tg: @kultakatriina

ATTENTION! Please read the terms of the trip