TTHP - Tampereen Teekkarien Hiihto- ja Purjehdusseura




If you want to experience the first flakes of snow with TTHP look no further!

We are going to Ruka at 1.11-4.11. The weekend contains skiing in the slopes, after-ski and of course Halloween themed nightlife!

To keep this translation short, the trip in a nutshell:

When: 1.11.-4.11.

Where: Ruka, Kuusamo, Finland

Price: 130€ (including bus trips and accommodation)

Ski tickets cost extra following:

1 day: 36€

2 days: 66€

3 days: 92€

Take notice that if you take 3 days ski tickets, we will be heading back to south on Sunday approx 14-15 pm.


The price (130€) might change a bit depending on amount of participants. We, the trip organizers, would like to sharpen the 7th item of our terms of travel, meaning that the trip might be cancelled if there is not enough participants. But to make sure that we ARE going to Ruka in November SIGN UP BELOW!!



Signing up will add you to a waiting list and you might get to the trip in case someone cancels. It also might be be possible that we rent more accommodations if there are enough people on the waiting list.

If you have any questions concerning the trip, dating advice or anything, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Arvi (arvi.syrjanen (a t) student tut fi)

Markus ( markus kasurinen (a t) student tut fi)